How To Help Someone Who Has Been In A Car Accident

If you have been called to the scene of an accident or to a hospital because someone you are close to has been injured (or you were a passenger in the vehicle), there are some valuable things you can do to help the person. At the Scene If you are able to follow the accident, it would be an excellent idea to take pictures or video of the vehicles with your cell phone or camera, once emergency services have been called and all the injured are being properly cared for. Read More 

Startling Ways That Passengers Can Contribute To Their Own Injuries In Car Accidents

Driving a car entails much responsibility. Motorists must protect their passengers. When there is an accident, passengers may sue drivers for damages. Can anything be done? At first impression, it may seem not much. After all, everyone knows that the passenger was not behind the wheel. Like a captain, the driver has to go down with the ship, right? Wait! Not so fast! Here are some things that may reduce or negate damages awarded to passengers in accident claims: Read More