Proving You Were Not At Fault In An Auto Accident Occurance

If you had just gotten into a fender-bender with another vehicle, and the other driver is blaming you for the incident although you are not the one at fault, you may wish to fight the charges against you. Failing to fight an accident claim may end up costing you money to pay for the other person's vehicle and any medical expenses. Here are some tips to use when fighting an incorrect auto accident claim against you.

Retain Representation

The first step you will need to do to fight an incorrect claim is to call an attorney's office to get legal representation on your side. A personal injury lawyer will be able to look through all information about your accident in trying to prove you were not the one at fault for the incident happening. They will work closely with your auto insurance company, medical examiners, highway department, as well as any witnesses to the accident to prove your innocence.

Check For Surveillance

Find out if there is any footage available showing exactly what had happened during the accident. If it had occurred in a business parking lot, there may be surveillance tapes available with the entire scene captured on film. Search the area for any hidden cameras and contact the businesses to see if they can be of any help.

If the incident occurred on a road or highway, there may also be video showing what had happened leading up to or during the incident. Often highway departments or the town themselves may have webcams set up periodically on roadways to help monitor traffic patterns or inclement weather. 

Photograph All Aspects

As soon as the incident occurs, if you are not injured, get out of the vehicle and take photographs of the damage on your vehicle, the other vehicle, and the surrounding area. If there are street signs or traffic lights, take photos of them to show their positioning in relation to your vehicles. This information will all be analyzed by your lawyer to decide which angle to use to prove you did not cause the accident. Take photographs of other vehicles in the area, as well as any homes. These can be used to help track down potential witnesses. 

Get Others Involved

If anyone stops to try to lend a hand after the accident takes place, have them write down their name and phone number for you. Tell them you may need to call them if the incident ends up in a courtroom situation. They can write a report about what they had witnessed and give it to you to give to your attorney to help prove what had really happened leading up to the accident.

Record The Other Party

If the other driver is nasty to you after the incident occurs, inform them you are going to take some videotape until the police are present. Walk around your vehicle and record the damage, while retaining the other person's voice on your video. This will help protect you if they become violent. They may slip up and say something that will prove they are the one that had caused the accident to occur as well.

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