Why Your Attorney Is On Your Side And Your Provider Isn’t

After an accident, your car insurance company may make it possible to get back on the road without such a large hole in your bank account. However, the interests of your insurance provider are not necessarily aligned with your own, and your insurance provider will do whatever they can to lower their cost. This may include finding a way to void your coverage for an action you performed.

Your Coverage Might Be Voided

One of the most justifiable reasons to void coverage is if you failed to make a payment. Then your insurance coverage would have lapsed for the period in which you had the accident. Your best defense is to either prove that you made a payment and that the insurance provider made an error or to prove tat the accident occurred on a different day when you were still covered.

If you have a large number of accidents within a short period, your insurance provider may refuse to pay for any future accidents. At this point, you should consider taking a safe driving course and should consult with your insurance provider regarding what you should do to ensure that you are not dropped.

An Attorney Can Argue Against Your Coverage Being Voided

If your car insurance provider is considering voiding your coverage or is performing any other action that prevents you from being reimbursed for your accident, you will need to contact a car accident attorney that will fight for you. Unlike the insurance provider, your attorney has your best interests at heart and will look for ways to legally obligate your insurance provider to pay your expenses.

Try to avoid discussing the specifics of your accident until you have consulted with a car accident attorney. The statements that you make can either lead your car insurance provider to drop coverage or can lead to the insurance provider deciding that you are at fault and seeking a settlement with the other motorist. If the provider determines that you are at fault, you may be required to pay a deductible and may be subject to having your premiums raised. But with the help of a car accident attorney, your accident can be explained in a manner that helps the insurance provider understand that you were not at fault. Also, do not sign any releases or waivers without receiving legal advice. Otherwise, you might receive an inadequate settlement that can place you in a bad financial position.

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