What Is The Job Of A Claims Adjuster?

When you file an injury claim, one of the most important decision-makers in the process is the claims adjuster. This is a person appointed by the insurance company to investigate the validity of the claim. Among the first questions many folks have for a personal injury attorney, though, are what is an adjuster's qualifications and what do they do? Adjuster Qualifications Other than state-level licensing requirements, there are no standard qualifications for an adjuster. Read More 

What To Do If You Suffer A Personal Injury During A Fall Sporting Event

By the end of fall, professional football, basketball, and hockey teams near you will be back on the field, court, or rink. This can be a fun time of year if you are a big sports fan, but there's nothing fun about sustaining a serious injury at a sporting event. Typically, fans do accept certain risks when agreeing to attend a sports game or match, but that doesn't mean you are without rights if something goes wrong. Read More 

Defenses Against A Dog Bite Lawsuit

Are you currently facing a lawsuit or even a police investigation because your dog got worked up and bit someone? If so, you are obviously going to be interested in protecting your legal rights in addition to protecting your dog. To that end, you should consider hiring a dog bite lawyer to help with your defense. Your dog biting someone does not automatically make you and your dog guilty. There are a variety of scenarios where it can be proven that it wasn't the dog (or the owner's) fault. Read More 

Milestones Toward Recovery And Compensation

When a car accident has impacted you, getting your life back to some semblance of normal is the goal. No one likes to be without transportation, get behind on bills due to lost work, and suffer from physical and emotional injuries. As you begin to recover, you might want to view the personal injury process as a series of milestones along a pathway to compensation. Read on to find out more about several milestones to look forward to in your quest back to normal. Read More 

What To Do After Getting Injured In An Auto Accident

Auto accidents happen often and many find themselves in one at least once in their lifetimes. In 2013 alone, more than 2 million people were injured in an auto crash. The time after a crash can be hectic. Injuries can range from minor to life threatening. Medical bills and repair bills can also start to add up. For those who are injured in an accident sorting everything out can be stressful. Read More