What To Do If You Suffer A Personal Injury During A Fall Sporting Event

By the end of fall, professional football, basketball, and hockey teams near you will be back on the field, court, or rink. This can be a fun time of year if you are a big sports fan, but there's nothing fun about sustaining a serious injury at a sporting event. Typically, fans do accept certain risks when agreeing to attend a sports game or match, but that doesn't mean you are without rights if something goes wrong. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are indeed injured at a sporting event.

Accept Medical Assistance

You will likely be assisted by an usher, a quick response team, or medical personnel at most sporting events if you sustain a serious injury. First things first, make sure you get yourself taken care of. A refusal of medical assistance could come back to haunt you later, as it could be used to show that the injury was not that bad, even if you did seek out further assistance on your own.

Don't Accept Blame

While you are being given assistance, you may be asked questions about what happened. You can answer the questions in general, but leave the details to your lawyer. You can say, "I was hit by the ball" and leave it at that; there's no need to go into a long discussion about what you were doing prior to getting hit or the direction you were facing or if you saw the ball coming, etc. A statement that makes clear that you were not paying attention or were otherwise negligent could come back to haunt you later on, so be polite to the responding staff, but stay quiet as much as possible.

Take Next Actions

After the initial medical assistance is received, you should start playing the incident back in your mind. What exactly happened that caused the injury? Was there a safety net but the net failed to hold the ball back? Did you lean against a railing and have it accidentally snap? 

In many cases today, there is often video either from a TV broadcast or on social media following a sports event injury. Seek out this data if possible or begin putting together a witness list if there were other people with you at the game.

You can also contact personal injury attorneys such as those at Kavanagh & Kavanagh Law Ofc. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with incidents like this and will be able to guide you through the next steps as you get back on your feet and recover from the injury.