Personal Injury Evidence In Your Favor For Motorcycle Accident Insurance Payouts

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you might be having a hard time getting insurance to payout for damages. If you weren't at fault in your accident and another party's insurance isn't coming to the plate with what you should be owed, bringing in a motorcycle accident attorney might be your next logical step to protect yourself. Here are three pieces of evidence that your personal injury lawyer can bring to light in court or during the settlement process if insurance companies are holding out on you.

1. Proof of Extensive Injuries Sustained

Insurance might try to downplay your injuries and not want to pay out for medical expenses or long term disabilities associated with your accident. Your attorney can help prove that injuries are unique to a motorcycle accident and may are more damaging and extensive than superficial bruising or cuts. Broken bones, spinal cord damage, second- and third-degree burns, brain and head injury all need to be investigated and tracked through medical records.

2. Proving that Another Motorist was at Fault

There are common driver errors that your attorney can research if it might be coming off as if both parties were equally at fault in an accident involving you and your motorcycle. Some common provable faults are disputes of the right of way, speeding, and illegal lane changes--all of which can be damaging to motorcycle drivers. You lawyer may be able to review all evidence to make a case for your accident being another party's fault that police or insurance companies failed to do.

3. Physical Evidence from the Accident

There is plenty of physical evidence that can be gathered after the fact by your motorcycle accident attorney that can help bolster your personal injury case. Your helmet will show damages and prove you were wearing this. Photos from the scene can show skid marks, the positioning of vehicles, and initial damages. Witnesses can be called upon that were at the scene of the crime but may not have been interviewed by police. Surveillance cameras might also provide back up to prove your innocence when it comes to the fault of the accident.

Many times insurance companies will try to put the blame back on motorcyclists. If your accident was not your fault, you still might be put in a position to prove your injuries and ensure that the other party is at fault. A motorcycle accident attorney like one from Scherline And Associates can help you collect the right evidence to make sure that payouts match your financial loss and compensation for injuries sustained.