El Nino Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginning Motorcyclists

El Nino brings about dramatic changes to many parts of the country, but by far the most dangerous conditions for the majority of motorcyclists is the extreme wet weather being predicted in the south and southwest parts of the country. As a beginning motorcyclist, you might be very unprepared to deal with this kind of weather. These tips will help you stay safe on your motorcycle during this year's El Nino event.

Buy the Right Rain Gear

Discomfort from wet clothing can easily distract you from watching the road. Buy a helmet that includes a shield to cover your face and a quality rain suit that will keep you dry during the wettest weather. Your rain suit should include boots that rise above the ankles and gloves that are both breathable and waterproof (they do exist!). Some gloves come with a squeegee on the thumb or pointer finger. This feature will enable you to wipe away water from the shield on your helmet.

Get Off the Road When Rain First Begins

Roads are at their most slick when the rain first begins to fall. As the rain mingles with the oil on the pavement, the roads become slippery and hazardous. If possible, get off the roads when the rain first begins to fall. Stop at a gas station or in a diner. This will give you a good opportunity to put on your new rain gear. When it's been raining for a while and the oil has had a chance to wash off the road, this is when it's a good time to start riding once again.

Practice Riding in Light Rain Before Attempting a Heavy Rain

The rain being predicted for this year's El Nino is supposed to be heavy and dramatic. Before you attempt to ride your motorcycle during such an intense weather event, practice riding your motorcycle in light and moderate rains. If your region doesn't see a lot of small rain storms (like in the desert southwest), then sign up with a motorcycle school with a rain simulator.

Know When to Stay Home

Know when to stay home and off of your motorcycle this fall and winter. Thunderstorms and high winds are particularly dangerous for motorcycles because the debris that falls into the road can easily cause an accident. If your motorcycle is your only mode of transportation, make arrangements with a car-owning friend who is willing to drive you somewhere during thunderstorms this fall and winter.

Know When to Call an Attorney

Even if you're very cautious this fall and winter, accidents still happen. If you're in an accident this fall or winter, contact a knowledgeable and skilled motorcycle accident attorney. He or she can help you get the justice and help you get back on your feet.