Ways To Lower Your Premiums When Carrying Workers’ Compensation For Security Guards

Security guards are under constant threat of injury. Not only are they threatened by injuries caused by angry visitors, but they can also become injured simply by going on their patrols. During a crisis, security guards are often first responders and often suffer automobile-related injuries. Therefore, they are likely to expose themselves to a greater level of risk than others at the scene of the disaster. Worker's insurance policies may also pay for survivor's benefits and long-term disability. If your employee is injured to the point where he or she is unable to continue being a security guard, return to work programs are often provided. Since worker's compensation insurance can be expensive, you will need to find ways to limit your security guards' risk.

Take Advantage of Services Offered by the Insurance Company

Worker's compensation programs specialized in covering security guards often come with services designed to engineer risk management strategies. You may also be able to lower your premiums by having your security guards participate in insurance-approved employee training programs.

Change How Your Business Operates

Owners of certain types of businesses, such as bars and restaurants, are responsible for providing reasonable security when they foresee certain criminal acts. The types of criminal acts that are anticipated can have an impact on the worker's compensation premiums. For example, your security guards should be trained on how to properly handle customers who have been discovered shoplifting. You may also be able to reduce your premiums by changing your hours. The later in the night, the more likely that your security guards will be the victims of an attack.

Give Your Security Guards the Same Safety Tools

The same safety measures that your employees must take are often the same as the safety measures that must be taken by your security guards. For example, if your business works with hazardous chemicals and employees sometimes need a respirator, you will need to equip security guards with respirators as well. Have risk management experts look at your business to determine how security guards will need to be protected and trained to limit their exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Train Guards to Look for Maintenance Issues

Besides protecting your building occupants from criminals, security guards can also identify maintenance issues so they can be reported to the appropriate staff members. This not only increases the value that the security guards provide your company, but also helps security guards avoid becoming injured themselves. These adjustments might seem small, but when working closely with a worker's compensation insurance company specializing in security guard liability, these modifications can reduce your premiums noticeably.

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