Suing An Acquaintance After Being Injured? Keep The Following Tips In Mind

If you've been unable to reach an agreement with an acquaintance after being injured as a result of their negligence, you may be considering legal action against them. Should you decide to sue an acquaintance because of injuries you've suffered, keep the following tips in mind.

Listen to Your Doctor

It is important to head to the doctor when you've been injured, but it is just as important that you follow your doctor's treatment plan. If you don't, the other party can claim that your injuries aren't as serious as you said they were. Make sure that you listen to your doctor and follow their orders. If you cannot for any reason, make sure to document those reasons.

Get a Police Report

It is a good idea to get an official record of what happened. If you call the police as soon as possible, the police officer on the scene will interview you and the other party, take pictures of the scene, and acquire any other necessary information. You can then use this when you are in court.

Even if you are unable to get the police on the day of your accident because you are in the hospital or unwell, calling the police for an official police report can be helpful for you when you go to court. It can be difficult to remember every detail of what happened on the day of your accident, but if you have the police report, you can refer to it to jog your memory.

Avoid Social Media

As you recover from your injuries, you may want to post status updates on your favorite social media sites. However, this can be a problem for many reasons. For one thing, the acquaintance who caused your injuries may be able to see the posts you make, and may decide to attempt to use them against you in court. Not only that, but your other friends may be friends with the person who caused your injuries, and that can put them in an awkward position.

If you do post on social media as you recuperate, do your best to avoid mentioning your injuries as well as the case that you have going on.

 Now that you have some idea of how to proceed with a case against an acquaintance, put the tips in this article to use. Talk more with your attorney (like those at Owen Law Firm) about how you can build a strong case for yourself.